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Nationwide Amber Alert Ready Sponsorship Safety Challenge

Missing Children:  How to help find them FAST if a child is ever lost or missing is KEY!  It can happen in the blink of an eye.  Children are naturally curious and love to explore.  As parents/Guardians we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to our children.



Our Child Safety USA…Nationwide Amber Alert Ready Sponsorship Safety Challenge is ON.  In every community, in every town and city across the nation there are businesses that serve these communities and the families and their children.  We know you have seen the signs from time to time across the nation…”Amber Alert”…a missing person.


Our nerves are rattled and we want to help.  What to do now?  Accept our Nationwide Amber Alert Ready Sponsorship Safety Challenge and Sponsor a program in the Communities YOU serve and help save a child’s life!  Our Child Safety USA Program is always FREE to the parents/guardians.  Parents receive an Amber Alert Ready Document with current child’s photo and all ten fingers; digitally fingerprinted and photographed.  They have complete confidentiality as there is NO DATABASE storage.  Their child’s information is NOT online anywhere to be found by unsavory characters.  Parent’s/Guardians update their child’s information each year with a new photo.

Remember, our Amber Alert Ready Safety Documents are for any situation and help in finding missing people; when a child is missing, a runaway, Kidnapping or missing child reports need to be filed and time is of the essence!

 Help us to save a child’s life!


Bruce Niebrugge
Child Safety USA, Inc.
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